Roberto La Rosa

Energy-Autonomous and Maintenance-Free Wireless Systems in AgriFood Electronics: Progress and Importance

This talk highlights the latest research progress and the importance of energy-autonomous and maintenance-free wireless systems in AgriFood Electronics. The presentation covers the design and development of sustainable and low-power systems for powering, energy-autonomous, and battery-free devices. The talk also explores the strategies, techniques, and circuits for data processing and transmission with an emphasis on low-power and energy-efficient operation. Attendees gain insights into the latest developments and applications in AgriFood Electronics and how energy-autonomous and maintenance-free wireless systems open new perspectives and opportunities for the industry.


Roberto La Rosa is an IC Mixed Signal Senior Principal Designer at STMicroelectronics. Since Joining STMicroelectronics in 1997 he has held a variety of assignments, including the design of high-frequency PLL’s for clock generation and recovery, fiber-optic transceiver and system design, power managements IC, and other analog, digital and mixed-signal bipolar and CMOS circuit development projects. He currently is a Research Senior Staff Member at STMicroelectronics Catania. His current research interests include Ultra low power applications, over the distance power transmission, Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting.

Roberto La Rosa received the PhD in Electrical Engineering from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Dr. La Rosa has published several papers on advanced techniques to null stand-by power consumption by using energy harvesting and holds several patents.