Marios Sophocleus

Advancing Agricultural and Environmental Monitoring with Multi-Tech Systems

This presentation explores the transformative potential and market needs of multi-technology electronic systems in agriculture and environmental management.
These systems merge sophisticated sensors, real-time data collection, and cutting-edge technology to offer insights into crucial parameters like soil moisture, temperature, humidity, and air quality.
Through real-world case studies, we highlight how these systems enhance crop yield, optimize resource usage, and mitigate environmental risks, benefiting everyone from small-scale farmers to large agribusinesses.
Connectivity and data analytics, driven by IoT, AI, and remote sensing, provide intelligent decision support. Multi-technology electronic systems are indispensable for addressing modern agricultural and environmental challenges.
By harnessing advanced monitoring and data analytics, they pave the way for a sustainable, data-driven future, where agriculture and the environment thrive together.


Marios Sophocleous (Member, IEEE) received the M.Eng. degree in mechatronics from the University of Southampton and the Ph.D. degree in thick-film underground sensors from the University of Southampton in 2016. He has been a Special Scientist with the Holistic Electronic Research Laboratory, University of Cyprus, since 2016. He has co-authored more than 30 peer-reviewed journal and conference publications in very high-impact journals and major conferences, and served as a committee member multiple times. He was the Fulbright Schuman Fellowship 2021 Winner. He has been nominated for the Outstanding Young Engineer Award of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society in 2019 whilst he was the Young Scientist 2020 Finalist in Cyprus. Since 2022, he is the head of the hardware/electronics research Laboratory at eBOS Technologies Ltd. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Sensors and Actuators—A: Physical journal and Microelectronics International journal, a Lead Guest Editor of an IEEE Sensors Journal Special Issue, a member of the Steering Committee and an Associated Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Agrifood Electronics Journal.

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