Gennaro Monacelli

Development and Validation of Agricultural Machinery Using Advanced Innovation Tools: Digital Twin and Dynamic “Driver in the Loop” Simulator

In October 2022 CNHi presented the Dynamic Driver-in-the loop Simulator that enhances the validation of off highway machinery achieving a design faster, more sustainable and more efficient. With this technology we achieved a great goal: to bring the driver into the design loop. The new Dynamic Simulator combines the subjective experience of the driver in physical tests with the objectivity of the data generated by numerical simulations. It can be used by various functions such as brands and marketing, up to dealers and special customers, for a design defined as “man in the loop”. That is, the customer is placed at the center of the design of new products being able to interact already in the preliminary stages with the tractor and long before the actual launch on the market.

The improvement in the fidelity of the test driver’s perceptions on board the simulator is achieved thanks to the MCA – Motion Cueing Algorithm technology which generates commands for the platform, aligning the operator’s perceptions with those of the real vehicle, always considering the physical limits of the dynamic platform. The new product design process is based on the MBD – Model Based Development, capable of drastically reducing the number of prototypes – inevitably destined for landfill – needed to reach the market. The models used by the simulator are the heart of the system and form part of the specific know-how of CNH Industrial.

Unlike the other simulators, this one has been designed to house a new generation real cab weighing about 1 ton. Underneath, an electro-actuated hexapod system allows 6 degrees of freedom to the cab.

Subjectively verifying the behavior of new tractors or parts of them even before they are built is the first great advantage. This reduces work times for development reducing the needs of physical prototypes, reducing costs and consumption of raw materials, eliminating fuel consumption and emissions.


Gennaro Monacelli obtained the Master Degree in Electronic Engineering from Universtià degli Studi di Napoli Federico II in 1986.

Gennaro Monacelli is currently head of “Design Analysis and Simulation” for CNH Industrial agricultural and construction machinery.

The main research area is the development of new simulation methods and tools to drive the transformation “from physical to virtual testing” for the next generation of CNH Industrial products and the development of the ‘digital twin ‘ for off highway cars

In 2022 he designed the first dynamic simulator in the off-highway sector created in October 2022.

Work experiences

  • Past position was of Head of Innovation, Public Financing and Sustainability of Product Development.
  • Before joining CNH, Gennaro worked for 20 years in FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobile) in the Research and Development area.
  • From July 2006 to December 2008 – Fiat Research Center as Head of the “Innovation Master Plan”.
  • From March 1990 to June 2006 – Fiat Elasis Research Center Director.
  • 7 years contract professor for automotive design at the University of Naples Federico II.

Other relevant assignments

  • Maestro del Lavoro – First May 2023 (Labor Merit award).
  • Member of the Coordination Committee of MUNER (Automobile University of Emilia-Romagna)
  • President of the GDF Association (FIAT Executive Group) for the Modena Region and Vice President of the National Association.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the CRIT Research Consortium on behalf of CNH Industrial. CRIT is an Italian research company specialized in the scouting of new technologies.
  • 2014 – 2016 President of ALTRA S.P.A. of the Iveco Group (Research Center on Alternative Drives)

2001 – 2006: CEO of the PRODE and SCIRE Consortium with University of Naples Federico II and University of Rome Torvergata respectively.