Charalampos Patsianotakis

IoT for Post-Harvest Quality Assurance

The field of Agritech holds significant importance in modern crop cultivation. Thanks to it, farmers have achieved a significant increase of their output while their losses are minimized. However, the effectiveness of these efforts comes into question when a substantial portion of the produce is lost post-harvest. This presentation will introduce the Internet-of-Crops®, demonstrating how it enables farmers to access real-time information about their stored crop conditions, allowing them to proactively prevent spoilage.


Charalampos (Lambis) works as an Embedded Systems Engineer the last two and half years at Centaur Analytics. He’s part of the product R&D team and plays a key role as one of the developers working on the device’s firmware. Lambis also manages the company’s electrical installation projects. His connection with Agirtech started early in his life when he collaborated with his father on electrical installations and automation projects for greenhouses and oil factories. He graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Thessaly in 2023. Also, he is a member of both the IEEE CAS and IEEE PES Societies, and he has been the Vice Chair of the local IEEE Student Branch as a student.

Speaker Details
Speaker Details