Andrea Magnano

Envisioning AgriTech Present & Future: Sensors, Machinery, Data Analytics, and Smart Agriculture Integration for Innovations

How can AgriTech transform farming for growers, industries, governments and consumers? Advances in sensors, machinery, data analytics, and smart agriculture integration are driving innovation in farming. Real-time data from sensors aids decision-making, while precision machinery and automation optimize operations. Data analytics harnesses this information for crop prediction and resource management. Smart agriculture, fueled by IoT and AI, promotes sustainability. It’s a vital step towards a more efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced agricultural sector. The talks is divided in two main segments: the need to develop an economical sustainable project for all types of farmers and how different types of sensors can be integrated on irrigation and agriculture machinery.


Technology and gliding enthusiast, spending his days in the mud or in the dust.
I am the CEO and Co-Founder of a group of companies in the water management and agriculture sector. Partner at a national scale company specialized in irrigation systems, I co-founded Nabu, a start-up founded in 2022 with the aim to introduce a holistic approach to IoT, m2m and data analysis in agriculture, and Dunia, now in the top ten of the largest manufacturers of Center Pivots and Linear Systems in Europe.
At Nabu, I lead the efforts of architecting new hardware and software solutions. Continuously searching for best of breed technologies, the most suitable set of data and developing algorithms for the most impactful use cases. At Dunia, I oversee international business development.
International projects: Canal Sugar (Egypt, 2022-2023), Bahia Sugar Agroindustrial (Brazil, 2022-2023), CERN Gateway (Switzerland, 2021), Partenariat Anader (Ivory Coast, 2019), Lake Module Project (Uganda 2018), Tomatissimo (Costa Rica, 2017), Farm Block Development (Zambia, 2016).

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Speaker Details